Fox Staff

Dedicated to Achievement

Fox Elementary School’s dedicated teaching staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers.


Our Staff

Fox Elementary School is led by professional and resourceful staff dedicated to the education and safety of your children. We strive to achieve higher levels of academic excellence by building meaningful and effective relationships between students, teachers, staff and administrators.



Yvonne Olcomendy

Brandon Whiteman

TK/Kindergarten Combo

Sarah Muscolina


Mariette Nunez

First Grade

Carol Raisner

Teresa Thompson

Second Grade

Karen Bowman

Jennifer Duffy

Jennifer Pusker

Third Grade

Julie Grogan-Crane

Susan Hall

Shelly Menz

Fourth Grade

Lynette Dowling

Corie Silva

Fourth/Fifth Combo

Nerina Carpenter

Fifth Grade

Kortney Kaa

Olivia Taylor

4-5 Science Teacher

Anne Strehlow

Reading Specialist

Kim Hock


Jeanne Delano

Music Teacher

Chris Della Pietra

Learning Center

Laura Goldman

School Counselor

Stephanie Jacobovitz

Mrs. J Counseling Program 

Occupational Therapist

Min Kim

Speech Pathologist

Marla Levy

School Psychologist

Bruna Pinheiro

Administrative Assistant 

Maria Acevedo

Student Services Secretary

Jen Liebhaber


Taliah Carter