Special Programs

Fox Elementary School is committed to helping every student maximize his or her academic potential.

By providing opportunities for students to receive a learning experience tailored to their abilities, Fox Elementary School helps instill confidence and a love of learning at an early age.

We offer a number of specialists and enrichment programs to help each student achieve to his or her highest potential:

  • A variety of resource specialists and speech therapists for students with specific learning needs

  • A school improvement program aimed at increasing the performance of every student

  • After-school programs in academics and community service

  • Enrichment programs for students seeking a more challenging academic environment

We welcome feedback on any of our programs. Please contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions on how we could better help your child.

Support for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Visit the California Dept. of Education site for information on family involvement, partnerships resources, and support for parents, guardians, and families of children with disabilities.

The site provides technical assistance information and resources for parents, school districts, advocates, agencies and others of procedural safeguards regarding students between ages 3 and 21 with disabilities and their educational rights.

Other Programs

Improving Academic Achievement

Helps disadvantaged students meet state academic content and performance standards.

School-wide Programs

Authorized programs and targeted assistance schools under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Statewide System of Support (S4)

Technical assistance for local educational agencies (LEAs) identified as Program Improvement (PI) under Title I of NCLB and LEAs with Title I schools, including those identified as PI.