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Welcome Fox Families!

Each year, the Fox Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) looks for new ways to create positive experiences and contribute to the success of ALL of our students. Engaged staff, parents, and students working together have a tremendous impact on our children's educational experience. Research shows that parent involvement makes a positive difference in a child's education, affecting his/her behavior, motivation, and school engagement. With this in mind, Fox is striving for 100% participation from our parent community. Our fundraiser is Invest in Success.

Invest in Success

This year, this will be our only fundraiser. Our target is to raise $90K to fund this year’s programs and we are asking for a suggested donation of $225 for EACH child attending Fox this school year. As we are "Striving for 100%" participation, please consider donating any amount that works for your family. Please keep in mind that EVERY child at Fox benefits from PTA programs and activities!

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