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PTA spending breakdown
PTA spending breakdown
Fox PTA Fundraising

The following are some of the ways that we raise money at Fox to support vital programs for our children.

Invest in Success Campaign

Invest in Success Campaign is a direct donation to the Fox School PTA. Fox families are asked to donate $225 for each child to help supplement various programs and activities, such as field trips, assemblies, art, and music enrichment programs, just to name a few. While the requested amount does not support all PTA sponsored activities, this money moves us forward in reaching our annual financial needs. 100% of every dollar donated works to benefit your child directly.

To make your donation:

1.) Bring a check made out to Benjamin Fox Elementary School PTA to the office

2.) Donate ONLINE

Address any questions to*** Your PTA donation to Benjamin Fox Elementary is tax-deductible = Tax ID# 237074309 ***


PTA Membership Dues

We encourage all Fox Elementary School parents, staff, aides, and volunteers to join the PTA. The PTA is responsible for providing activities and programs that enhance your student’s academic environment. By becoming a member, you become part of the team that is essential to the success of Fox School.

Membership dues are $10.00 per adult or $15 per family (usually both parents join) and helps fund local, state and federal PTA organizations to carry out the PTA mission to positively impact and empower all children and families and support them with skills in advocacy, leadership and communication. 


To join, please visit the Fox Online Store. If you have any questions, please email


Recycling at Fox

Did you know that Fox collects thousands of lbs. of recyclables each school year, which translates to thousands of dollars for Fox programs and materials? Help us continue to raise awareness and funds to support our school. Please save the following items and bring to school on Friday mornings. Let's keep on recycling! Consider asking your neighbors or work associates to save the items below too to support Fox. Please contact Jim Cole with any questions.


All items must have CA redemption value:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic water, juice, and soda bottles, with lids/caps. (PETE 1 and HDPE 2)
  • Glass water, soda, and beer bottles with CA redemption only
  • Yakult plastic bottles
  • NO wine or champagne bottles
  • NO milk jugs, light bulbs, window glass, glass jars or ceramics, please.