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Field Trip Policy

Fox Elementary School Field Trip Policies

AS OF 9/2018


REMINDER: Don’t Forget To Cancel Hot Lunch Orders On Fieldtrip Days Based On Return Times. Please Check With Your Teachers.





Field Trip Policies


  1. All decisions about a volunteer’s assignment and role must be approved by the teacher. Participation will ultimately be determined by the principal, principal’s designee or Teacher-in-Charge.
  2. Siblings, guests, and/or pets are not allowed to attend field trips.
  3. Participants must abide by all school rules and policies. Drivers must follow all California Safety laws.
  4. No child is allowed to ride in the front seat of a vehicle without the consent of his/her parent or legal guardian.
  5. Drivers must only follow the designated field trip route.  No detours or unscheduled stops.
  6. Any student who attends a field trip must participate for the entire trip. Students must check into school before the field trip and may not check out of school before the field trip is completely over and the student has returned to Fox School.
  7. Parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who turn in volunteer paperwork on the day of the event may not be able to participate.
  8. A parent, grandparent, or legal guardian may NOT participate with the class at any time during the field trip if they have not met the clearance and documentation requirements for volunteer drivers.
  9. A parent, grandparent, or legal guardian can request to drive their child only; however, the driver must still have met the clearance and documentation requirements for a volunteer driver.
  10. Parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who are not assigned by the teacher to volunteer or drive on a field trip may not be allowed to participate or attend. It is the parent’s, grandparent’s, or legal guardian’s responsibility to notify the teacher in advance (24 hours) that they would like to attend.


Child Safety Seats and Seat Belts


Seat belts will be provided for all children by the parent drivers.  Per CA Law (effective 01-01-12): Children under the age of 8 must be secured in the back seat of the car.  Additionally, children under age 8 and under 4’9” must ride in a car seat or booster seat.


Fox School will not provide any car seats or booster seats for students.  Please bring identified labeled seats to the classroom the morning of the field trip. If no seat is provided by you, the student may not be permitted to attend the field trip.