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Lunch program

Lunch Program

Ordering through the Lunch Program

This year we are excited to have a new hot and cold lunch provider, The Lunch Master

This year lunch includes a fruit, veggie, snack (not Gluten-free) and a drink: water or milk.

This biggest change for Fox is that there will no longer be lunch stickers delivered to the classroom


To get started, you will need to set up your account here: using the school code foxelementary. You can set it up for multiple children. If you have child at Ralston the school code is ralstonmiddle.  This account will also now include information about any food allergies and preferences for your child.


Once your account is set up you can pre-order lunches online at their website or through their app. To place your order, log into your account and view your meal calendar. The order deadline is the prior business day by 10 a.m. to receive a meal for the following day. Lunches can be cancelled for full credit by 4 p.m. the prior day and for half credit you must cancel before 7 a.m. on the day. There are a very limited number of emergency lunches sent for an extra charge to your account. 

 **Please remind your child that you have ordered lunch for that day.**

If you have ordered a Gluten Free Lunch please remind them the snack item is not Gluten Free.


Lunch Schedule: Fox Lunch is served in the middle room during the lunch break on normal days.

• Kindergarten at at 11:30am 
• TK at 11:45am 
• Grade 1-3 at 12:00pm
• Grades 4-5 at 12:25pm  

Wednesday and minimum days:  All Grades are served during snack recess at 10:00am 

Please bear with us as we are still working out how the process will be best for our school. If you have any questions please contact Fox Nutrition Clerk, Mrs Christine Bountouvas at


For 2018-19, the cost of a standard lunch will be $5.25.  This is $0.25 less than 2017-18 for grades TK-5, and $1.25 less for grades 6-8. Because all children are entitled to a nutritious lunch, the National School Lunch Program provides support for families through free and reduced-price lunches. We encourage all families to review the material on eligibility and income guidelines and to complete a free and reduced-price meal application if they think they might qualify. Please note that applications must be renewed annually.

Questions or concerns regarding the District’s lunch program should be directed first to the school Child Nutrition Clerk. If your questions or concerns are not adequately addressed, please contact Renee Boatwright, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Business Official, at 650-637-4800 x1050.

See the district site for more information:


Field Trip Days

Please pack a lunch for your child if s/he will be away from school during a field trip. Our lunch volunteers are only available during designated distribution time. Even if the students are expected to return in time, unexpected delays may occur.

Lunch Errors

If your child comes home and mentions that their order was wrong 1 of 2 things may have happened:

  1. The company that you ordered lunch from goofed up ~ we are human, we all make mistakes once in a while - OR -

  2. Whoever ordered may have accidentally clicked on the wrong box.

If there was a mistake please contact the company, there is a link to their customer service department on their website.

The Fox Lunch Program volunteers are merely here to serve the lunch. Our job is to make sure that the right lunch gets to the right child.

If there are any other issues, you may contact the office.