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Emergency Phone Tree


As part of the Emergency and Disaster Procedures, each class is encouraged to generate an Emergency Phone Tree for the class parents.  It is intended for the use in special circumstances, such as relaying notice of a school emergency.  The way it is intended to work is that important information is conveyed to the room parents.  The room parent of each class starts the phone tree by calling the first parent named in each column to relay the relevant message.  If you are called as part of the phone tree, your responsibility is to call the person listed just below your name and relay the same message.  If you get voicemail or no response at the phone number you are calling, please skip to the next name on the list to keep the message going.

For example, let's say you are John Smith as represented in the fictional phone tree example below.   The teacher conveyed the emergency message to the room parent, who then called you with the same message.  You then call Amanda Green (the next parent in the column) and give her the message, so she can pass it on to Al.  If instead, you get Amanda's voicemail, then leave her the message and then call Al Seymore to keep the message going. 

If you have any questions about your class phone tree, ask the room parent for your child(ren)'s class.  


Room X Phone Tree (Example)

Fox Elementary School


Teacher: <insert name>

Email: <insert email>

Phone:<insert phone>


Room Parent Name: <insert name>

Email: <insert email>

Phone: <insert phone>

Call List #1 Call List #2 Call List #3

Parent:  Ms. White

             (Child: Lucy)

Phone:  650.555.1234

Parent:  Carrie Logan

             (Child: Fred Wu)

Phone:  650.555.1245

Parent:  John Smith

             (Child: Jack)

Phone:  650.555.1256

Parent:  Joe Lean

             (Child: Juanita)

Phone:  650.555.1267

Parent:  Jennifer Blue

             (Child: Max)

Phone:  650.555.1278

Parent:  Amanda Green

             (Child: Ann)

Phone:  650.555.1289

Parent:  Violet Lee

             (Child: Ted Wilde)

Phone:  650.555.1290

Parent:  Jamie Patel

             (Child: Kiran Shah)

Phone:  650.555.1291

Parent:  Al Seymore

             (Child: Jerome)

Phone:  650.555.1292