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Lunch program

Lunch program

If you have ordered or are considering ordering lunch for your child from Choice Lunch please read this!

  • The lunch program is served in the Middle Room at the Lunch break on normal days and during 1st break on minimum days..

  • Your child will need a lunch sticker! This is given to your teacher who will then give it to your child right before lunch. When kids who have ordered lunch are dismissed they will come to the middle room and get in line to get their food.

  • Please remind your child when they have lunch for a given day.

  • Lunches are handed out individually. Your child will then choose fruit/veggie, snack and a drink.

  • If you as a parent didn’t place an order on-line for your child, your child is unable to get a lunch. We don’t have any extra’s to sell at lunch time.

  • WEDNESDAY: if your child orders a lunch from Choice Lunch - it has to be eaten on campus before you leave!!!  Your child needs to come to the middle room at morning recess - 10a.m.  

Ordering through the Lunch Program

If you want to order from CHOICE LUNCH you need to go on-line:  See the district site for more information: 

Field Trip Days

Please pack a lunch for your child if s/he will be away from school during a field trip.  Our lunch volunteers are only available during designated distribution time.  Even if the students are expected to return in time, unexpected delays may occur.

Lunch Errors

If your child comes home and mentions that their order was wrong 1 of 2 things may have happened:

  1. Choice Lunch goofed up ~ we are human we all make mistakes once in a while - OR -

  2. Who ever ordered may have accidentally clicked on the wrong box.

If there was a mistake please contact Choice Lunch, there is a link to their customer service department on their web site.

The Fox Lunch Program volunteers are merely here to serve the lunch. Our job is to make sure that the right lunch gets to the right child.

If there are any issues please contact Stacia Retchless, Nutrition Clerk at Fox Elementary.  (, phone 650-339-3537).