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Fox TinkerRoom

We have taken on a challenge this year to create a TinkerRoom at Fox. This space will allow the students an opportunity to tinker, invent, and create. The objective of having a room like this is to allow students to explore their own interests, learn the skills needed to use tools (both virtual and real), develop creative projects, and work towards acquiring the life skills needed for their futures - to think creatively and critically, work collaboratively with peers, and communicate with others while doing these things.

    We hope that giving the students a space to learn through play, that students will gain a stronger drive to pursue their passions and become more intrinsically motivated. With that said, we are working hard to put together a space that offers them everything they could want, but on the smallest budget possible, to avoid taking funds from other essential areas of focus at school.

     We are hoping to gather donations from the Fox School families and the Belmont community in order to stock our room full of materials, tools, and creative work spaces in order to allow the students some freedom to work on whatever it is they find interesting.

   If you happen to be walking through your garage and notice that you have a few things just collecting dust, we would love to take them off your hands! The TinkerRoom will be a school-wide resource, which we are hoping to unveil after mid-Winter Break. We will be spreading the news to other families soon, as we begin to gather more materials and support for such a space at school. We will be working with the staff at an upcoming staff meeting to brainstorm more uses for the space, which we hope will generate lots of interest in having the kids get their hands dirty and get to work becoming innovators. We are very much looking forward to opening the doors of the lab soon, and appreciate any help that you can give.

Please bring all donations to the commons area outside room 11.

Thank you so much!

Mr. Whiteman

List of Needs

Please take a look and see if you have any extras on hand...


- handheld tools
- screwdrivers (all sizes and types)
- needle nose pliers
- wire cutters
- hammer
- hand saws
- drill gun
- Dremel all in one tools
- tape measures
- alligator clips
- clamps
- hot glue gun
- hot glue
- safety glasses
- work gloves
- soldering equipment
- wire
- power strips
- extension cords

AND, old electronics for the students to take apart for their first project.